They’re Finally Here!

Friends, I’m so excited! One of my absolute favorite birds is back! I saw one of my balcony this morning and all throughout my walk at Boundary Creek tonight. I’ve been waiting so long for this.

Gray Catbird being awesome! (Image by BirdNation)

The Gray Catbird! I love Gray Catbirds. These little guys definitely have personality. First of all: they are super cute. I like their little black caps and their rusty rumps. Secondly, I love hearing their cat-like “meeeh!” calls coming from the bushes as I hike. They are also awesome because they are in the mimic family and their songs are a jumble of all sorts of interesting sounds. I am ecstatic that they are back and will definitely write a post about how great they are soon (so look out for that!).

We had a few “firsts” today. It was the first day in a whole week that it didn’t rain, so we walked at Boundary Creek. One of our “first of season” birds was the Baltimore Oriole. We spotted a male in a tree singing a song. Later in the walk we saw a male and female together. Last year we found a Baltimore Oriole nest at Boundary so I wonder if that nest will be used again this season or not.

Baltimore Oriole
Male Baltimore Oriole (Image by BirdNation)

We also have a new lifer for our list: the Field Sparrow. There were two looking for food on the side of the path. I originally thought that it could have been a Chipping Sparrow. However, Chipping Sparrow’s rufous cap is brighter and it has a dark eye stripe as opposed to the Field Sparrow’s lighter eye stripe. It’s always exciting to add a new bird to your life list.

Field Sparrow (Image by BirdNation)

Other birds we saw included American Robins, Carolina Chickadees, Canada Geese, European Starlings, Tree Swallows, American Crows, Song Sparrows, and Red-winged Blackbirds. We also saw a lot of cute rabbits.

rwb female
Female Red-winged Blackbird (Image by BirdNation)
tree swallow on apartment
Tree Swallow checking out the real estate (Image by BirdNation)
Adorable baby rabbit (Image by BirdNation)

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. My mom, sister and I will be celebrating by going to Amico Island. We are hoping to see some more warblers so I’ll let you know what we see.

Also, exciting news! I will be going to my favorite place later this week for part of my vacation: the Cornell Lab of Ornithology! I will tell you more about this soon!

Author: BirdNation

I am an avid birder, teacher, and nature lover. I primarily go birding in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but love to travel. I am currently a biology student with interests in conservation biology, ornithology, and environmental sciences. My dream is to go birding in all 50 states.

6 thoughts on “They’re Finally Here!”

  1. Thanks for this description. I might have spotted a similar species in our backyard. I was having difficulty finding his I.D., and your Gray Catbird might be a cousin to my visitor, a gray bird with a longer body and a brownish-black cap… Maybe if I post a picture of my bird on My Special Photos, you could take a look to see what you think.


  2. Nuts! Wrong link! I used that title for a Cormorant I.D. Haha on me! Try this — I changed the link to:
    I’m really curious now, because upon a second look at your Catbird, I see the second picture does give him the appearance of a longer body; more so than the first, where he looks more compact. Nice to exchange bird thoughts with you, at any rate! Hope this link works for you!


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